2023 update:

If you have any cough or cold symptoms or are otherwise unwell please let me know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your appointment. Massage is close contact work and my room is small so this precaution is to avoid spreading any viruses further, including to my more vulnerable clients. It is also to protect my ability to work, as it is generally considered unprofessional for massage therapists to work whilst unwell due to the close contact.

2022 update:

Following on from the change in Government guidance February 2022, here is the updated guidance from my professional body, The Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM):

'The official public health advice will remain that people testing positive for the virus should stay at home. This includes both adults and children. Crucially, this guidance will not be enforced by law.

Free Lateral flow Tests will be phased out, which means we will not be able to differentiate between a common cold and COVID-19.

What does this mean for our Members?

The QR code can been removed, the screening/test and trace form can be removed.

At time of booking appointment:

At the time of booking, screen your client for “winter virus” (Cold / Flu / COVID), and if client confirm, treatment should not take place as per normal infection control protocols.

If the Therapist has a “winter virus”, treatments should be avoided.

During the Appointment:

We must remember that the virus is still circulating, and some people are still suffering with severe symptoms. So you should continue to set a good example which will also reassure clients that their health safety is still very important to you.

We therefore strongly recommend that you continue to wear a face covering during the main winter virus season (November to March) and require your clients to do likewise*. This follows Public Health Advice.

Continue with ventilating rooms, especially between clients.

Continue with good hygiene practices.

*PLEASE NOTE: If a client cannot wear a face covering, they are not obliged to disclose the reason but as a service provider you still have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to provide the service. Therefore, in such cases we recommend for you to provide additional controls including 

·         Presentation from the client of a negative LFT taken within 12 hours of the appointment.

·         Not work around the neck or face area.

·         Increase ventilation during treatment (if possible).

·         Reduced treatment times to allow longer air ventilation before the next client'


 At the 919 Clinic I will continue to follow the above advice, and we will continue to maintain high levels of hygiene.

We would prefer you to pay by contactless means if that is possible for you.

Please do contact me if you have any concerns or questions.