The situation is continuously changing and I will update this page appropriately. There is a lot of information but please do take time to read it through. I also ask for your tolerance and cooperation as we all adapt to the conditions imposed by the pandemic: my main aim is to keep you as safe as is possible during a close contact treatment.

Please book by contacting me rather than the clinic (see contact page). When you book your appointment, I will ask you some questions to check that it is appropriate to treat you and to screen for Covid-19 risk. I have to follow guidance from both the Government and my professional body, who also follow the Government guidance. On arrival at the Clinic we will ask you to read and sign a declaration of health and an informed consent to a 1-1 treatment. It is important for you to understand that whilst we have done our best to minimise the risk of spreading the virus, in an ongoing pandemic we cannot remove all the risk associated with a close contact treatment. 

If you have recently returned from a country listed as high risk or in lockdown, or been in contact with someone who has been, you will not be able to book an appointment for 14 days. We are also asking clients to delay booking in if they have recently been in an area of the UK that has gone back into extra restrictions.

If you are unwell on the day of your appointment please do cancel; there will be no charge.

If you are in a clinically extremely vulnerable group (were shielding) you are advised not to book an appointment due to the close contact risk. I will not be able to book you in until you have discussed the risks with and have written consent from your GP/consultant. If you were hospitalised with Covid-19, I will also need written consent from your GP before treatment. 

If you are in a moderately vulnerable group (for instance over 70, pregnant or with a condition such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, reduced immune system, lung conditions such as asthma or COPD, a neural or brain condition such as MS, MND or Parkinson's disease, or a BMI of 40 or over) you will need to assess the risk. I reserve the right to refuse treatment if you have two conditions or more or if I am concerned about your resilience. Again, I know this is frustrating but it is with your wellbeing in mind and I ask for your tolerance. 

If you have Coronavirus symptoms, have been in close contact with someone who has symptoms or have been contacted by the Track and Trace team I will not be able to treat you until you have self isolated for fourteen days. 

The Clinic will be thoroughly cleaned each day and surfaces wiped down again with a suitable cleaning product between each appointment. The massage couch and equipment will be cleaned and the room ventilated after each treatment. If towels and couch cover are used they will be secured in a marked bag for cleaning after each treatment and new ones put out. To allow time for this and to minimise risk of two clients being in the same area at the same time, there will be a thirty minutes gap between each client. This means that there will be fewer appointments available. 

Please arrive at your allocated time and wait outside the Clinic if possible until invited in; if you have to come in before that please sit in the allocated area on the window seat. Please observe social distancing at all times (except during your 1-1 treatment). At present we ask you to attend your appointment by yourself; for this reason I am not at present treating children (aged 16 and under).

If arriving by bike or briskly on foot, please allow time to cool down before entering the Clinic.

On arrival at the Clinic we will ask you to wear a clean face mask (either your own or I will provide a disposable one) and to sanitise your hands. Your temperature will be checked using a non-contact thermometer. If your temperature is too high the treatment will not be able to go ahead and there will be no charge; I ask you to respect my decision on this.

I will be wearing a face mask and face visor (cleaned between appointments) to minimise the risk to you. 

When moving between the reception and treatment room, and treatment room and bathroom, I will ensure that the route is clear for you. We may have to wait until it is clear.

I will wash my hands before and after each treatment. I will ask you to sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the treatment room. I will provide hand sanitiser or you can supply your own. If you use the bathroom please wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the bathroom.

I will limit the length of a treatment to 30 or 45 minutes to minimise contact time. I will also limit any time spent working near your head and face and will not treat the head or face directly.

We would prefer you to pay by contactless means if that is possible for you.

Please do contact me if you have any concerns or questions.