Your privacy and information details:

All your information including that given verbally during your appointment is treated as confidential.

A medical history is taken to ensure you have as safe and effective a treatment as possible, and is for the use of the therapist only. Your address, email and phone number are needed for contacting you about your appointment. You may refuse to disclose information; in some instances this may affect Kate's ability to treat you and she will discuss this with you. Information will not be shared with any third party unless requested by you the client; an example would be if you and the therapist have decided you should see another professional such as a physiotherapist and you wish relevant parts of your treatment history with Kate to be passed on to them. The reception staff have access to your contact information as they organise appointments; they may handle your file but will not read your treatment record or medical history.

Your information is stored securely for a minimum of seven years after which your record will be archived or destroyed. Your medical history and treatment record is not stored on any computer or similar device. You may request to see your information and amend factual errors. Once the seven years has expired that Kate is legally required to keep your information for after your last appointment you may request that your information be destroyed. You will only be contacted if we need to discuss your appointment, for instance to change the time or in the event of you not attending.