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    Thank you for your massage therapy on my stiff and sore neck, it did wonders to ease the pain and make it more mobile and comfortable.

    Mark C
    Teacher; climbing
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     Kate's sport massage is superb. I've tied myself in knots regularly over many years of bouldering and Kate has always provided effective treatment to keep me moving well. She is reliable, consistent,enthusiastic, friendly and up to date with newly developed research and techniques.

    Diane Merrick
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    "Kate has been working with my scoliosis, and various hobbies that I do until I injure myself, for several years now.  She has been great at relieving muscle tension related to my twisted spine and has a seemingly endless catalogue of techniques to use to get the best result.  She also knows all the common problems that crop up in so many sports and hobbies that she can quickly get to the bottom of how I've managed to do something stupid to myself, whether through climbing, dancing or cycling - and of course how to heal me!  She has been really helpful at recommending additional stretches and exercises to keep the effects of her massage work going once I've left her room.."

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    Kate is absolutely fantastic - I would throughly recommend her - whether you have long term issues or just need some 'maintenance' Kate always strives to identify the root cause and address it. With a huge range of different massage techniques she has helped mend my body! Not only from my sports but when I had severe back pain in pregancy Kate really eased my pain.

    climbing, mountain biking, swimming
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    Kate does a great job relieving the fatigue build up in my muscles. I climb 4-5 days a week and this would not be possible without massage. She seems to take great pride in her work, identifying the root cause of tight spots and tailoring the massage to my personal requirements. She endeavours to ensure I get the most of it by making every minute count. Keep up the good work :-)

    Cheers, Cliff
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    Kate immediately puts you at your ease, knows exactly what's needed and sets about it in a highly professional manner. She delivered an excellent sports massage before the London Marathon (setting me up for the race) and after (rejuvenating my tired legs). Highly recommended.

    Claire, Sheffield
    London Marathon