Regular massage is beneficial whatever your type and level of sport. Before events it can stimulate or relax as appropriate, and be an adjunct to your warm-up routine to improve circulation, flexibility and tissue elasticity to maximise performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. It is also an opportunity to idenfity and treat issues before they escalate.

Immediately after an event, appropriate massage can reduce symptoms of over-use such as stiffness and pain. During the acute stage of injury the affected area cannot be treated, but massage can help with secondary issued such as muscles that are being over-used to compensate for the injury. When the acute stage of injury has passed, massage can be used to facilitate healing by supporting mobility. Once healed, gently stretching the tissues helps them to realign whilst mobilisation helps restore full range of movement.

Massage treatment can also prevent secondary problems developing as the body compensates for the injured area. This is all part of achieving a speedy return to normal sporting activity.

Many of my clients come in presenting with 'niggles' that are affecting their enjoyment and performance; common examples of this are shin splints; tight hamstrings; stiff shoulders; pain around the knee area; pain aroud the hip area. As part of the treatment I will ask questions and do tests to assess the possible causes of the pain, I may give some training advice and exercises/stretches, and I refer on where appropriate. Please note that I am not a physiotherapist so do not offer diagnosis.