Your appointment will begin with a consultation where we will discuss what you wish to achieve from your treatment and a history is taken (during the current pandemic a consultation form will be sent to you to fill in ready for your appointment; this is due to shorter length appointments). In order to receive conventional massage it is usual to remove clothing from the area to be treated; if this is not comfortable for you do say as Kate can use other techniques to work through clothing. For most of the treatment the area not being massaged will be covered by towels. However, appropriately substantial underwear is recommended as you may be asked to stand and move in them as part of the postural assessment and massage treatment. 

Please name any medication that you are taking. If you have high blood pressure or any serious medical condition, please check with your health care provider before making an appointment.

If you are concerned regarding access issues please do ring the Clinic to discuss. There is ground level access to the basement where Kate works through another treatment room so your appointment will be scheduled for when that room is not in use.


If for any reason you cannot attend your appointment please contact Kate or the 919 Clinic as soon as possible so that your slot can be offered to someone else. If noone answers straight away please leave a message on the answerphone. The phone does ring for what seems a long time before going to voicemail but it will do so.